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You may also download official New York Motor Vehicles forms through this website. On-Line Registration.us is a private, third-party provider licensed by the State of New York providing motor vehicle related services for a fee. This is a commercial solicitation and advertisement. On-LineRegistration.us is not a government authority.

Save a Trip to the NY DMV. Renew NY Registration On-line...

Simply stated, On-Line Registration saves you time. You've stood "in line" at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for years. Now, you can renew "on-line." You've got enough to do. You know it and so does the DMV. Avoid a trip to your local DMV office with quick, safe and convenient on-line registration renewal using you VISA or MASTERCARD debit or credit card.

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Most Popular New York Motor Vehicles Forms

Download Official New York Vehicle Registration/Title Application Form (MV-82)

Download Official New York Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (Form MV-44)

Download Official New York Change of Address (Form MV-232)

Download Official New York Report of Motor Vehicle Accident (Form MV-104)

Download Official New York Request for Abstract/DMV Records (Form MV-15)

Download Official New York Statement of Transaction {Sales Tax Form} Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle, ATV, Vessel (Boat) or Snowmobile (DTF-802)

Access all Official New York Motor Vehicles Forms


On-line Registration...

*is the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to renew your motor vehicle registration.

*saves you a trip to the NY DMV.

*does not require you to stand on long lines at your local DMV office

*lets you place your order from the comfort of your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*allows you to request your new official registration document up to 60 days before your current registration expires.

*with expedited service, enables you to secure an immediate, temporary registration via email good for 14 days within one business day. 

*gets you your registration documents by mail in approximately 10 business days (please see terms and conditions).

*order page is SSL secure for your protection.